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Marketing Automation with Marketerspen increases productivity by 10x for B2B companies and agencies. By automating repetitive processes such as lead nurturing and email campaigns, teams may save time and concentrate on more critical responsibilities. For B2B businesses, this implies improved communication with prospects and clients. Agencies also benefit from automating duties such as content scheduling and client reporting. With Marketerspen, everyone can manage more in less time, resulting in growth and success.

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Automate. Optimize. Dominate

Empower your B2B & agency teams with AI-powered workflows. Streamline strategies, take away busy work, and unlock records-driven insights. MarketersPen fuels performance and drives effects throughout Sales, Marketing, and HR.


Craft data-driven content for customers. Analyze customer sentiment & scrape industry trends – all on autopilot. Change leads quickly.


Enrich leads & personalize outreach with business plans that work. Free up the sales rep to close the deal. Perform onboarding & screening.


Simplify onboarding & screening, automate operations & free up human resources for strategic plans in B2B companies.

Leverage Predefined AI Workflows
From Marketerspen To Enhance Your Productivity

LinkedIn Lead and Company Profile Email Funnel Workflow

This workflow sequentially scrapes LinkedIn profiles of leads and companies, extracts relevant information, and creates email funnels tailored to the product description for effective communication.

Market Research Workflow for Industry Sectors

This workflow is designed to perform thorough market research for a specified sector, gathering and compiling relevant information to inform strategic decisions.

Email Funnel Creation from LinkedIn Data

Streamline targeted email funnels! This workflow uses LinkedIn data and user-provided product details to generate customized email sequences tailored to specific customer profiles.

LinkedIn Post Creation from Online Research

Create engaging LinkedIn posts effortlessly! This workflow guides users through online research and brainstorming to craft compelling and punchy posts.

Twitter Post Creation from Online Research

Craft compelling Twitter posts effortlessly! This workflow guides users through online research and brainstorming to create engaging and concise posts formatted for maximum impact.

Crafting and Sending Announcements to Telegram Group

Create catchy announcements and send them to Telegram effortlessly! This workflow utilizes provided descriptions to craft engaging announcements, then sends them to a specified Telegram group.

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Marketerspen AI Workflow automates sales and marketing tasks, freeing up time for innovation.

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