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Sales Automation boosts B2B and agency productivity by 10x with Marketerspen Sales workflow automation. It handles the tedious tasks, allowing your staff to focus on what is most important—sales. Customizable workflows ensure that they adequately meet your needs, much like having a personal assistant. Furthermore, it provides real-time analytics to help you accelerate business growth.

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Empower your B2B & agency teams with AI-powered workflows. Streamline strategies, take away busy work, and unlock records-driven insights. MarketersPen fuels performance and drives effects throughout Sales, Marketing, and HR.


Craft data-driven content for customers. Analyze customer sentiment & scrape industry trends – all on autopilot. Change leads quickly.


Enrich leads & personalize outreach with business plans that work. Free up the sales rep to close the deal. Perform onboarding & screening.


Simplify onboarding & screening, automate operations & free up human resources for strategic plans in B2B companies.

Leverage Predefined AI Workflows
From Marketerspen To Enhance Your Productivity

Automated HubSpot Lead Enrichment and Sales Pitch Workflow

This workflow triggers when a new contact is added to HubSpot, scrapes their LinkedIn profile for details, drafts a personalized sales pitch email, and sends the draft to a specified Slack channel for review.

Automated Company Information Enrichment and Summary Generation

Enhance company profiles effortlessly! This workflow activates with new HubSpot companies, fetches LinkedIn and website info, drafts a summary, and sends it to a chosen Slack channel for review.

Automated Contact Enrichment from LinkedIn in HubSpot

Effortlessly streamline lead enrichment! This workflow activates with new HubSpot contacts, scrapes their LinkedIn profiles for relevant info, and updates your CRM with enriched data.

Company Insights and Strategic Analysis Workflow

Effortlessly gain deep company insights! Input a company’s LinkedIn URL; the workflow scrapes key details, finds job openings, and analyzes the company website. It identifies top growth areas and issues, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

LinkedIn Company Profile Summary Generator

Effortlessly generate company summaries! Input a company’s LinkedIn URL, and the workflow scrapes the profile to create a concise summary with key insights into the company’s activities and industry.

LinkedIn Company Profile Analysis and Lead Generation

Effortlessly analyze company profiles and generate leads! This workflow begins with the user inputting a company’s LinkedIn URL. It then scrapes the company’s LinkedIn profile, generates a summary, and identifies job roles based on an ideal custom profile provided by the user. Finally, it finds leads within the company who match the specified job roles.

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Marketerspen AI Workflow automates sales and marketing tasks, freeing up time for innovation.

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